Cocktail Classes

Our hands-on, highly interactive classes will teach you how to shake, stir, measure, pour and garnish like a pro! You’ll get to make (and enjoy) four cocktails across a range of spirits and styles.

Each 90 minute class is led by an expert instructor and takes place at famous last words, located at 392 Pacific Ave in the Junction.

Private Cocktail Classes

Have a group of 8 or more? Let us make your corporate outing, bachelorette party, birthday, or next get-together with friends or family one you’ll never forget.

$80 per person + HST. Class minimum $640 + HST

Public Cocktail Classes

Looking to learn some tricks of the trade in a fun and interactive environment? Check out our public class schedule to find an upcoming class that’s right for you!

$80 per person + HST


Each class is set against a fun and approachable literary theme and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

License to Shake (and Stir)

A 007-inspired Cocktail Adventure

Break out of your Quantum of Solace…For Your Eyes Only, our very own Q will walk you through some Ian Fleming-worthy drinks.

  • Champagne cocktail
  • Vesper Martini
  • Negroni
  • Whisky Sour
Perfect for:

Corporate groups and anyone interested in the real story behind “Shaken, not Stirred”.

The Roaring 20’s

Mixing it up with Daisy and Gatsby

Prohibition never tasted so good! Explore the grit and glamour of West Egg while we make cocktails from Fitzergerald’s most famous work.

  • Gin Rickey
  • Mint Julep
  • Bronx
  • Between the Sheets
Perfect for:

Milestone birthday celebrations and anyone looking for a fun night on the town.

Drinking with Mr Darcy

Jane-Austen Inspired Cocktails

Spend a romantic afternoon at the Pemberley Estate and treat all your Sense & Sensibility as we drink our way through Jane Austen’s most beloved masterpieces.

  • Tom Collins
  • Classic English punch
  • New York Sour
  • Port Flip
Perfect for:

Bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and anyone who loves love.

Great Expectations

Festive Drinks with Charles Dickens

Travel back to a cozier time, when even debtors could find respite over a bowl of hot gin punch. We’ll guide you through a few of Boz’s very own seasonally appropriate recipes.
  • Kir Royale
  • Cobbler
  • Rum Punch
  • Mulled Port Flip
Perfect for:

Corporate holiday celebrations, or anyone in the un-Scrooge-y spirit.

Beyond the Daiquiri

Raising a Glass to Hemingway

Papa sure knew his way around a bar and so will you after this class, as we re-create some of his favourites – and make a couple of his own creations.
  • Death in the Afternoon
  • Hemingway Daiquiri
  • Jack Rose
  • Gambler’s Delight
Perfect for:

Bachelor parties, book lovers, or anyone who wants to pretend to be in Cuba for a day.

Cocktails of Ice and Fire

Drinking the Game of Thrones

Want to drink…and know things? Join your favourite heroes and villains from across the Seven Kingdoms as we make drinks for Lannisters and Starks alike.

  • The Night’s Watch (sparkling cocktail)
  • Cinnamon Wind (rum old fashioned)
  • Shade of the Evening (gin sour)
  • Milk of the Poppy (flip)
Perfect for:

Anyone who aspires to the Iron Throne of cocktails.

There and Back Again

Drinks through Middle Earth with The Lord of The Rings

Join some of your favourite hobbits (and humans, elves, dwarves and maybe an Ent or two!) on a one-of-a-kind cocktailing adventure as we enjoy fellowship-worthy riffs on some classic cocktails.

  • The Prancing Pony’s French 75
  • Miruvoir
  • Mordor Sour
  • Shire-inspired Calvados flip
Perfect for:

Birthday celebrations for the wannabe Gandalf in your life, or any cocktail adventurers.

Don’t Panic!

Drinks from The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

All you hoopy froods are invited on an adventure through the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm. Join us for a Cocktail at the End of the Universe, and don’t forget your towel!

  • Jynnan Tonnyx
  • The Pan Galactic Gargleblaster
  • Nutrimatic Punch
  • A Trilogy in Five Parts
Perfect for:

Anyone looking to probe the boozier aspects of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Ask about online classes or custom themes.