4th Anniversary Menu


A shot of something to warm you up

Choose gin (tart & a little fruity) or whisky (a little stronger)


All mexican dips with tortilla chips

guac, pico or morita salsa


tall cans – ask for our selection


Dealer’s choice cocktail

Choose your spirit and we’ll make you something delicious
(gin, whiskey, rum, tequila)

All house wine

red, white, bubbly

$10 Warm Drinks

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Milliways didn’t serve this hot toddy…but what better accompaniment to watching the world implode?
House-made allspice dram, lemon and hot water, finished with your choice of Brandy, Rum, or Whisky of your choice (Canadian, Irish, Bourbon or Scotch
(+$1 for Scotch)

The Razor’s Edge

Lucas’s legendary clarified milk punch, served in an unexpected (and delicious!) new way.
Too many wonderful ingredients to name – you’ll just have to trust us on this one.
*Contains dairy*

The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe is available in a non-alcoholic version.

$10 Cocktails

Tourist Season

What we’d drink if we were lost in the Everglades.
Strawberry-Infused Cazadores Tequila, Rosemary, Grapefruit Soda – 1.5oz

The rum diary

A beachy mash-up of a Pina Colada and a Dark ‘n’ Stormy.
Coconut-infused mount gay & havana club rum, pineapple shrub, ginger beer – 1.5oz

Everyone brave is forgiven

This book, set during the Blitz inspired what may be the most quintessentially English cocktail we’ve ever created.
Earl Grey Infused Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lillet Blanc, Lemon, Lavender – 2oz

famous last words

Timothy Findley’s novel may not have inspired the Last Word cocktail but we wanted to honour them both.
Georgian Bay & Bombay Sapphire Gin, Chartreuse, Maraschino, Lime, Fresh Sage – 2oz

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

One of our favourite heroines meets one of our favourite drinks.
Prosecco, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lemon, Simple syrup – 1.5oz

How to stop time

This cocktail may make you break the “don’t fall in love” rule.
Tumeric-infused cazadores Tequila, strega, ginger, lemon – 2oz

The wind-up bird chronicle

Layered, subtle, and nuanced…exactly what you’d expect from Murakami.
Lapsang souchong infused four roses bourbon, dillon’s peach schnaps, vanilla, citrilized orange – 2oz

City on fire

Smoky and complex with a very loooong finish (the book and the drink).
Ardbeg 10 & Tomatin 12 Scotch, Los Sietes Misterios Mexcal, Cointreau, Bitters, simple syrup – 2oz

Fahrenheit 451

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” Our take on an old-fashioned.
Forty Creek Copper Pot whiskey, Maple Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Orange Zest – 2oz


Like a Negroni, if it were unstuck in time..
Mount Gay and Wray & Nephew Rum, Campari, Cocchi Americano, Fino Sherry – 2oz
“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

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